This is our 2015 Price List!

We sell everything out of the Farm Stand at our farm, as well as a majority of our products at the Wolfeboro Farmers Market (Thursday afternoons from 12:30-4:30). 

Please, be aware that prices may change over time- we'll keep this updated and note if anything has been revised!

Raw Cow's Milk
    Half Gallon- $4.50 (+ $2.00 Jar Deposit)
    Quart- $2.50 (+ $1.00 Jar Deposit)
    Regular & Flavored
        Quart- $6.00 (+ $1.00 Jar Deposit)
        Pint- $3.50 (+ $1.00 Jar Deposit)
    Greek Style
        Quart- $12.00 (+ $1.00 Jar Deposit)
        Pint- $6.00 (+ $1.00 Jar Deposit)
Fresh Cream
    Quart- $8.00 (+ $1.00 Jar Deposit)
    Pint- $4.50 (+ 1.00 Jar Deposit)
    Salted & Unsalted
        1/4 lb- $2.50
        1/2 lb- $5.00
        1 lb- $10.00
    Flavored Butters:
    Cinnamon Honey, Garlic, Chocolate, Orange Honey, Herb & Jalapeno
        1/4 lb- $3.00
Artisan Cheeses
    Individually Priced
    Cheddar, Colby, Derby, Manchego, Romano,        
    Bacon Cheddar, Provalone, and many more!
Eggs- $3.50 per dozen
Seasonal Vegetables
    All of your favorites and a few surprises too!
    Ground Beef
    Beef Liver
Pastured Chicken
    Whole Birds
    Boneless Breasts
    Legs and Thighs
    Necks & Backs
Farm Raised Pork
    Country Style Spare Ribs
    Whole Tenderloin
    Center Cut Chops
    Spare Ribs
    Ground Pork
        Breakfast, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian
    (We also sell Half and Whole Pigs!)
Holiday Turkeys
    Available for Pre-Order