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Winter has arrived at the farm.  

We often get questions of how the cows are doing with the cold weather.  During this time of year the cow's are inside the barn at night.  They each have their own spot or stanchion where they have plenty of hay and water.  By giving each cow their own spot - there's no crowding or pushing.  Our milk cows are Shine, Sadie, Dixie, Violet, and Windy.  We're also raising a steer for beef.  His name is Zeb.

On warm, sunny days (above freezing) the cows get let out for a little while to stretch their legs and run off some excess energy.  If the weather is bad, they stay in the barn.

The calves that we still have from 2016 are also in the barn.  Valerie, our only heifer of 2016, has her own stanchion.  The other two calves that we have right now are being raised for beef.  One of them is Norman and the other is Willie.

We have a small fenced in pasture that we let the calves out to exercise in.  If it's a warm and sunny day, we let them out to run and jump and play.

We also have six "bacon seeds" or piglets in the barn.  They enjoy rooting around in the straw and are happy to drink up any excess milk that we might have.

The pigs don't out in the winter as they don't have nice warm coats like the cows, but they still have plenty of room to be warm and happy in their pen.

Finding Wotton Farm Products

November - April

You can find us at the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market on the first and third Saturday of each month from 10 am until 2 pm at the First Congregational Church located at 115 South Main Street in Wolfeboro.

June - October

You can find us at the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market every Thursday from 12:30 pm until 4:30 pm at Clarke Park located at 233 South Main Street in Wolfeboro.

All Year Long

Visit our farm stand located at 30 Circuit Rd in Ossipee NH.  We're 0pen from 8 am until 7 pm all year long!  It's just 2 miles off Route 16.